entrepreneurship programs in
emerging ecosystems


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entrepreneurship programs

We design and deliver hands-on entrepreneurship education programs focused on building the the capacity to innovate.


We work with strategy and intelligence for organizations focused on the development of emerging entrepreneurial communities and ecosystems.



We collaborate with foundations, incubators, investors, universities, government and corporations that want to foster entrepreneurship and drive innovation.


- Cases -

Developed by Semente

More than 6 thousand entrepreneurs have already been trained in innovation and business development in our programs since 2011. Know more about some of theses programs.


- Methodology -

We developed our own methodology based on our experience coaching more than 1,500 startups in emerging ecosystems. With the Entrepreneur's Circle we are able to diagnose and evaluate the evolution of startups, support entrepreneurs with the exact activities and contents they need to grow and to track their development using indicators and milestones.


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